Care Delivery

Care Delivery

In addition to supporting children's health through system planning through the Tiers of Service work, and service development through our Initiatives), Child Health BC also supports care delivery directly to families.

Our CHBC Care Delivery support has a multi-pronged approach.

Child Health BC supports children having improved access to subspecialty and specialty services through our development of Telehealth services.  Similarly, children throughout our vast geography of BC can see subspecialty teams from BC Children's Hospital closer to their own community through Outreach.

We know a tremendous amount of care for children and their families is provided by the professionals right in the children's home health authority and community. For that reason, CHBC has helped to support  the development of new facilities In the Community. All of these new facilities have been associated with the development of new, sustainable services for children.

Community providers across BC serve children on a daily basis. Arming those providers with easy access to the guidelines and other guidance for their consideration as they provide care is another goal of Child Health BC, as evidenced through our Provider Tools.

Recently we launched our first Clinical Program, the Child Health BC Hip Surveillance Program for Children with Cerebral Palsy. This innovative program is the first of its kind internationally, taking evidence from around the globe and tailoring it the unique challenges of BC's geography and building on existing collaborations. 

We are grateful to our donors who allow us to do our job of improving direct care delivery ease by enhancing access to subspecialty and specialty care, building upon community strengths and supporting local providers in innovative ways that wouldn't otherwise be possible. Thanks donors!