Pediatric Foundations

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Medication Administration

Pediatric Medication Administration


Cardio Respiratory Monitoring & ECG Basics

Pediatric Fluid Bolus Administration

Pediatric Tube Feeding

Pediatric Urinary Catheterization

Pediatric Vascular Access & Fluid Maintenance

Recording of BC Children’s Hospital: Surgically Inserted Pediatric Feeding Tubes PowerPoint

Recording of BC Children’s Hospital: The In’s and Out’s of Parenteral Therapy PowerPoint

Additional Resources

BCIT Pediatric Focused Education Preparing and Advancing (FEPA) for healthcare providers

BCIT Pediatric Focused Education Preparation Advancing Frontline RN’s (PED-FEPA) Frequently Asked Questions

Pain Assessment & Comfort

Pediatric Pain & Comfort

Provincial Pediatric Virtual Support Pathways

Three pediatric, virtual support pathways have extended their services to meet changing needs and help curb the ongoing pressures at B.C hospitals.

The Provincial Pediatric Virtual Support Pathways document highlights virtual support tools available to B.C. doctors, residents, nurses, midwives, nurse practitioners and other pediatric providers across the province.

Pediatric Practice Support Learning Resources, Clinical support tools and Documents.

In response to the increased demand for pediatric care being experienced by health care sites across the province, Child Health BC has partnered with BC Children’s Hospital to create pediatric bundles to support the safe and effective care of children in BC. We have compiled a robust selection of existing Learning Resources, Clinical Support Tools, and Practice Support Documents to support healthcare providers in managing the care of pediatric patients. While the resources are available, they are not meant to be a replacement for your local & regional policies, procedures and guidelines for care. 

These pediatric bundles are meant to complement the following online learning modules:


Through interactive case studies, rich media, and practical advice, this course highlights the crucial differences between caring for adults and children. This course guides learners through 3 learning modules:

  • Module 1: The Fundamentals of Pediatrics 
  • Module 2: The Pediatric Assessment 
  • Module 3: The Principles of Pediatric Medication Administration 


This online learning module will provide the necessary knowledge and tools to assist in the development of pediatric competencies required to care for at risk pediatric patients.


This online module will introduce you to the components of the Pediatric Early Warning System used in BC Emergency and Urgent Care Settings to help identify children and youth who may be at risk for clinical deterioration.