Laboratory, Pathology & Transfusion Medicine Services


Seventy to eighty percent of clinical decisions are based on laboratory test results.

Laboratory medicine is a medical specialty and a cornerstone of patient care influencing 70 to 80 percent of all medical decisions. Conducting laboratory tests quickly and efficiently assist physicians in diagnosing patient's conditions, monitor patients, and provide insight to treatment options.  In British Columbia, laboratory services are provided in over 175 approved laboratory facilities in community and hospital settings. In this module, we focus on laboratory and pathology services that are hospital-based, publicly funded, and accessible to maternal women, neonates, and children. Laboratory services provided in private laboratories are beyond the scope of the Tiers of Service initiative.

Lab Tiers image

The intention of the Tiers of Service is to align laboratory, pathology and transfusion medicine services with the clinical needs of a majority of patients who access the site. No matter your location, a local laboratory can provide timely access to the vital information you need. 

Tiers of service module for Maternal/Fetal, Neonatal and Pediatrics

This document was developed by an interdisciplinary working group from across BC comprised of laboratory physicians, clinical scientists, pediatricians, operational leaders, and representatives from Child Health BC, Perinatal Services BC, and BC Lab Agency. After receiving input from across the province and refinement, the module has been accepted by BC Lab Agency and CHBC Steering Committee. 


Self-assessment using the Maternal/Fetal, Neonatal and Pediatrics: Tiers of Laboratory Medicine, Pathology & Transfusion Medicine Services module

The provincial self-assessment using the module has been completed and CHBC and its regional partners are using the results to continue to improve care. Please use the posted module when you are planning lab and pathology services for Maternal/Fetal, Neonatal and Pediatrics.